Hinoki is a species of cypress tree native to Japan and grown throughout the northern hemisphere. Resistant to mold and termites, the wood from these trees was historically used to construct temples and shrines. To this day, Japanese hinoki trees are primary components in bathhouses and onsen, otherwise known as hot springs. When moisture encounters the wood, its calming fragrance is released.

Similarly, the essential oil extracted from these trees is prevalent in bathing and skincare products. Not only is the aroma of its essential oil soothing, but it also touts many health benefits. It is used as a natural remedy to treat common dermatological issues including atopic dermatitis and hair loss. Due to its soothing properties, the oil is considered therapeutic and utilized to relieve anxiety. On top of all that, studies indicate hinoki oil may aid in treating respiratory and cardiovascular problems. The oil can also be employed as a natural insect repellant.