Pale Garden Opening Sep 9

Date: Sep 9

Time: 6:30pm  

Location: Peach Plié Gallery

950 E 3rd St, Aliso 5115 

RAVP: Email

Sculpture: Pale Garden Series 

Artist: Mercedes Arturo @mechiart

Inspired by the view of flowers in the darkness, their journey into blooming, and how wind and waves may affect them. 

Pale Garden is a poetic meditation on flowers and plants as an erotic force fighting to bloom.

Mercedes Arturo is a multidisciplinary artist from Argentina. Born in Patagonia, she is now based in Los Angeles, California.
She started her artistic life in Theater, specializing in Wardrobe and Set Design and later studied Film Direction at ENERC (National Film School) in Argentina.
Her Visual work includes sculptures, installations and performances, and was shown at places like National Academy of Fine Arts of New York, CC Recoleta, Center for Art Investigations and Lebensohn Foundation in Buenos Aires, and Kunst Gallerie C9 in Berlin.
Secrets, confinement, and life as a foreigner are subjects always present in her work.